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Whiplash stiffness after 2 months

Started by joek_91 on 04/07/2013 2:56am

Hello Everyone,

Before two months I suffered a whiplash accident while I was skiing. I could not move it for 3 days and most of my body muscles were sore because of the fall.

After 2 weeks of the accident I went to the gym, this is when I was doing abdominal exercises, the muscle behind my head strained. Now it has been 1 month and 2 weeks and still do not have a full range of motion and my muscle behind my head is stiff.
In addition I am not feeling any numbness in my hands, it is just my tendons in the back of my head that are injured i guess.

What can I do to help recovery and how much time will it take and what kind of sports can I do ??

PS : I have stopped going to the gym and doing sports.

Thank you for your help, I would really appreciate it.

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