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Hope for return to physical lifestyle? Post C5-c7 ACDF

Started by Gana51 on 12/26/2012 11:48am

hi all my name is Gana. Since I didnt really see the topic I need help with, I thought I'd start one.
quick facts: had c5-c6 fusion in '96 after longstanding damage got too bad to handle. It was supposed to help, but made things worse - what sensation I had in LE's was gone, strength too.
found a doc to help, & 10yrs. later was wlking again. In '09 I started riding a bicycle again! balance was fair, grip was good, leg strength was fair ( I got by)! I was happy to be riding -- always said that riding my bike was better than any headshrinking. :)
'10 I looked down at the back step of the house, & fell out the door, managing to break foot in the process. That was the first fall of many to come. I was able to return to cycling only to dicover 8 couldnt handle the neck position of a road bike...so I switched to a mtn bike. Needless to say biking was short lived...pain, hands going numb, couldnt look down or I'd fall over & off bike.
Woke up one morning and both arms were numb up to the shoulders, and stayed that way in some sense or another from then on. then came the headaches. they were so bad, and so often I couldnt deny what was going on anymore!
of course I needed surgery, I tried everything else! jun 18 ACDF c6-c7 w/plating.
now post 2nd fusion, still having sensations of hammering my fingers, constant throbbing & weakness in hands, headaches persist but not as often as before, & dizziness remains.
Has anyone been able to return to an active lifestyle, ie...light hiking, bike riding, jogging w/ dog...has anyone been able to get thru a week w/otaking pain meds? does anyone have any experience, strength & hope to share???? I could sure use some right now.

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Gana, I'm so sorry to hear your story. I wish I had some encouraging words, but I'm in the same boat as you.
Hang in there, there are medical breakthrough's all the time. There's always hope. :)
Janet. :)


Thanks Janet. I have found an alternative to biking...triking...but I need one of those recumbent trikes w/ multiple speeds & steering @ waste or lower...ie...very expensive tadpole trike = way beyond my means. Bummer.
Still hoping


Good luck, Gana. I bet you'll find something. :)


hi gana I have been dizzy for about 18 years now one of the balance balls in my head arnt working. . not to much that I no they can do except meclinze for me. Im not as bad as earlier I know its not funny when you feeling the spin feeling. hope you get to feeling betr.