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I have Spondylolisthesis!

Started by 503976625@facebook on 02/25/2012 1:16pm

I have Grade 5 Spondylolisthesis of the spine. When i was younger i used to always complain about pain in my back, legs and hips, i used to always comment on the fact that i could never lay on my back and front for any amount of time. My parents used to tell me off for slouching and fidgiting around when i was sat down, i was always called the naughty child. They called me a hypochondriac but when i insisted on going to the doctors they told me it was growing pains and that maybe i should try to loose some weight!
Well this made me feel sooo mad and confused, i questioned myself on weather i was just making it up. Until...... one night laying in my bed, my whole body locked up! I was paralyzed from the neck down! i could not feel a thing for about half an hour! i was screaming in my bead for my parents and i was rushed into hospital that same night. Well low and behold, i was right, there was something wrong with me!
The doctor told me that when i was a lot younger, bearing in mind i was 16 when all this happened, he told me that i slipped 5 discs at once during some king of incident and didn't realise until now. (This could have been anything, i was very active as a child, skiing, climbing, dancing and so on) The doctor said that the only reason this paralyzing sensation had occurred was because one of the discs had slipped a bit further and trapped my spinal nerve. He said i was one of the luckiest people he had met because if anyone of the 5 discs had slipped a fraction more i would have been paralyzed for life!
The doctor gave me the option of two surgery, one to fix and stable the spine as it was with a bone graph and spinal bolts and pins, or a reconstructive surgery to straighten the spine but this had a 60% chance of peralysis! From day one i always wish i had picked the second surgery as it was my life and i thought it was worth the risk but my parents refused! Still to this day (i am 23 now) i would still have chosen the second more invasive surgery but in the end as i was a minor i didn't have the vote.
I went in for surgery the day after and it was a complicated surgery, i lost a lot more blood than expected, because i was laying on my front and was not operated on at a hospital with the right facilities for spinal work, i had no support for my face and lungs. The op was supposed to last for 3 hours max and i ended up being in for 8 hours and because i was under for so long my face and chest were so bruised and swollen that i couldn't breath, so i was in intensive care for four days, in hospital for three weeks And off my feet for a year and a half.
Now seven years later i am in a lot less pain than i was, i still can't lay on my back or front, i only get minor leg pain and the odd craps, my back still dose hurt every day tho. When people complain about having back pain and say how bad it is, i just shrug my shoulders..... i deal with that pain everyday of my life and it has just become the norm to me! I don't think anyone realises how much Spondylolisthesis affects your every day living. I have no self confidence about my appearance because of the shape of my back, i can't do things like walk long distances of run because my center of gravity is completely different to everyone else's, its hard to loose weight as i can't use gym equipment, jog or walk. My life will always be different.
Recently i have been in a lot of pain and i don't now if this is just normal or what? I only saw my doctor for a couple of months after the surgery, i was offered no back brace or straightening solutions or any physiotherapy.
Dose anyone know if i should be doing something or if i am doing something wrong, or if i should be checked out? Please if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it.
And p.s i apologise for any spelling errors of miss used words, i have survive Dyslexia :)

Thank you for listening to my story :)

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Sounds as tho you should see a new surgan.
Yes after the surgery you should have had a brace.
Yes in some cases no brace is needed but you were in four 8 hours.
That tell you that you had bigger problems.
Yes spondy changes everything about your life.
My prayers are with you.


If you are feeling pain go to the doctor. Since you had/have grade 5 my advice is only see the best specialist out there. If you live near a major city use the best resources you can. I have grade 3/4 and I am not quit ready for surgery but I am not physically in pain all the time either. If you hurt more then normal make an appointment asap. Also google top surgeons in your city to see what is available.