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Neck fusion

Started by Jimmy Pebbles on 09/30/2011 11:02am

Hello - 51 year old male who had a very successful fusion T1-C7 Feb 2010. Another fusion performed this past May - C7-C6. Both surgeries incorporated cadaver bone to stimulate bone growth. Recently had a follow-up CT which showed no fusion at the C6-C7 site, only holding together with the steel plate. Very disappointed and wondering what happens next? I am very active - got the Ok to resume playing golf beginning July. Recently started back to playing non-contact hockey 3 times a week.
I don't know if anyone else has had this happen. Still on some pain meds occassionally as required. Pain is mostly from readjusting to the 1 1/4" I gained over the two operations.
Does this mean another operation to fix?

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Having had my entire neck fused, I am not released to play hockey and do the things you are, I would think that if you were just released and given the green light to do that stuff, its obviously stable and no need for surgery is indicated. It wouldn't make sense if you needed additional surgery that the dr would tell you its ok to do those kinds of things.

The unfused level will eventually fuse, its immobile with the plate in place, and eventually the bone will grow and take over. The cadaver bone is there as bone matrix to speed things up. This is a unique situation so you will probably have to take the queue from the surgeon. (we all take pain meds, some more than others, some stronger meds than others).

I am sure the original reason for the surgery was instability right? (Thats generally why its done). I ask that because I might have gained a little height but a measurable amount like you did. Good luck!