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Posted in: Exercise, and Back pain.

Exercise for back pain

Started by sasha on 04/21/2011 12:53pm

My doctor tells me I'm overweight (true) and out of shape (also true) and this is making my low back pain worse. He says I need to exercise. Well, I'm very overwieght so I can't jog, adn I'm not wearing a swim suit to do aqua therapy. I DO want to do exercise though and just need to fnd something that will be good for me and not make my pain worse or be embarrasing. Help! Any ideas?

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Hi Sasha,

I found this site on here- it was suggested by another member and has a variety of exercises that may be of some help to you -http://www.northwestspineclinic.com/resources/back-pain-exercises/
I hope this helps in some way- also, look through SU site- there are many post on here that may be of some use to you :)

Good luck


THE best exercise is walking. Start slow 20mins then up it gradually. If you back is having a bad day do a shorter walk. You should aim to get to 3 miles a day eventually (come rain or shine). Don't strain youself, keep you head up and extend your back. I lost a stone in three months. For other back exercises, please go to a physio, if you do them incorrectly you can cause more harm than good so it's important you work with a professional on a regular basis as we all get into bad habits!! :-)