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Here is the cure to all your spinal problems

Started by Hartwell on 12/22/2010 11:53am

I am 35 years old and I have severe degenerative spinal stenosis myself, so I can sympathize with you all on this one. I underwent C3-C4 spinal fusion with the removal of osteophytes (bone spurs) that were indenting my spinal cord. I basically lost feeling in my body from my neck down, lost a tremendous amount of muscle mass and weight (35 Ibs). I continue to have shooting shock like sensations that go from my ear down my arm and numbness in my extremities and fluctuating bowel movements. My neurologist believes that I also have degenerative issues with my T and L spine and I also still have disc bulges in my cervical spine. At one time I owned a personal fitness training business which entailed training clients that had sustained a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. Interestingly enough. Anyway I must say that I have don't take medication because I find they bother me more than they are useful and believe that you can obtain amazing results to help you with pain management through diet and exercise. See inflammation can cause your symptoms to be a lot worse than what they could be. Inflammation thrives in an acid environment. Let me explain when you take medication of any sort it turns your body to an acid state, especially if your diet is already lacking in nutritional value. Chlorine and fluoride in the city waters are acid based chemicals and carcinogenic to boot, more so fluoride which can actually cause spinal stenosis in high levels, called flourosis of the body. As a natural remedies advocate let me tell, there are several foods like 1/2 a fresh pineapple, turmeric, rose hip teas, valerian root, alkaline foods etc. that are way more helpful than medication. You need to get your body into a alkaline state through your diet. I have a very strict organic and free ranged diet as well. Also a good fitness program will help to built strength, muscle endurance and bone density. Although I have to be very straight with you all and tell you that I can only do the best I can. What I mean is I still experience the numbness and shooting shock like pains and will have to live with them probably the rest of my life unless GOD heals me, but that is okay I continue to be thankful I still have legs and remember that there is always someone out there worse off than me. People always asked me if I was afraid of the surgical procedure that I was to have because of complication that may arise from it, making me never able to walk again. I live by faith not by fear. I truly believe to die is to gain, although I want to be hear to help and support my family and feel this is the responsibility that God has given me. Once people believe in JESUS CHRIST fear and being scared should no longer be an issue. I say this because I think a lot of people are afraid to die. Live for today while it is called today and don't worry about tomorrow. I try to enjoy my time that I have today with my family and friends. The cure is JESUS CHRIST. I hope this helps you all and I will keep you all in my prayers. GOD Bless.

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I agree with you that Jesus Christ is the answer. And I will go even one step further to say that He can heal your spine as well. Jesus Christ is alive today and He still heals just as He did during His ministry on earth approx 2000 years ago, because His Holy Spirit is with us. Please look at the testimonies below of Jesus healing people's spines:



There may be healing ministries in your area but just be careful to test everything as there are also many false ministries and hype out there. For example, I do not think it is beneficial to get sucked into the Word of Faith movement. Keeping your eyes on Jesus is what is required (Faith in Jesus rather than faith in faith or faith in healing ministries)...Not everyone gets healed the same way and there is no "formula".

I am putting off having spinal surgery because I am waiting for Jesus to heal me...

Keep the Faith!


I believe all that you say is awesome.I myself have scoliosis and a sliped L5 and have tried steriod shots that worked great but for a short time physical therapy works.I still feel pain but like you said the Lord is good and I have faith that He is going to be with me when I do decide on surgery or not.3 doctors have told me I need the surgery,But as long as I walk by faith I will keep waiting for the big step of surgery.Thanks and God Bless you.