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Exercises for 7 weeks post op kyphosis surgery

Started by Cole19966 on 10/24/2010 6:09pm

My 14 year old had a 100 degree curve in his upper back since around age 11. After about 2 years of wearing a brace, curve just steadily progressed. He had 2 stainless steel rods, 8 screws and hooks, and about 6 feet of wire. He had a few set backs because wound wouldn't close and is still about 6 inches open, but not deep, more like a scrape. He started back to school, went 3 days and gave up because lower back pain was excruciating. All xrays are perfect, so no problem with hardware. Only conclusion I could come up with is lower back muscles haven't been used in about 5 years because all pressure when standing was in the middle of his back or "hump".
Can anyone recommend lower back strengthening exercises? He is very reluctant to do anything but walk. So stiff I have to dress him and do basically everything for him. I need advice from anyone that has had this type of surgery on what to do. Can't find a physical therapist where we live to help him. Ready for things to get back to normal and him be proud of his newfound height and life! He went into surgery 5'5" and woke up 5'9". Absolute miracle in my eyes. He seems depressed also. Anyone out there with any suggestions?

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That is a really huge surgery to not have access to a skilled physical therapist to guide your son through the rehabilitation process. I hope you have found some help by now. If not, look atwww.apta.org and click on "find a PT"--maybe there is someone close by. Walking would be the best exercise for early post op anyway. Once the incision is healed, walking forwards and backwards in water and going to an aquatics arthritis class might be a nice gentle way to start.