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Please advice after surgery!!!

Started by ALIUSIA on 10/02/2010 11:09am

Can you please give me any advice!!!

.....After two weeks of severe back and leg pain I went to ER and had lumber laminectomy to remove a disk fragment impingement of L5 on April 2009.
Right after surgery I had foot drop + numbness, weakness in my leg and pain. On the 3-rd days after surg. I start to fill gentle radio waves in my calf , this symptom are gradually increasing with
burning pain radio waves sensation in leg and back. I constantly saw rehab dr, he said take a time, take a time.( surgeon said this is not his parts of problem,it is rehab) Passed more then one year my condition got worse. My surgeon was wrote in the record I had foot drop before surgery.....!!!He did not appeared after surgery to me in hospital.....after first appoitment I beverly make second..... he did not answer my any quested he told this is not to me... go to your doctor...my doct. said go to your surg.doct...! ! !

......MEG test on 5/2010 showed : no response and reduced amplitude in peroneal motor nerve, and prolonged distal onset latency and reduced amplitude in tibial motor nerve consistent with severe chronic left L5 lumber AP root level lesion'
My treatment focused on managing the symptoms with gabapentin, atiinflamatory and pain med.
Does someone, anyone know any new treatment for this problem, or smeone have /had experiences or what specialist i need to see? email me harhun@gmail.com
Thank you for reading.

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I'm sorry you are having such problems! I know from experience that once neurosurgeons do their job and cut with appropriate followups, they believe their job is done.

I'm not going to suggest what it sounds like to me, but I strongly urge you to see a neurologist asap and have a complete eval. If the drop foot was due to pinched nerve the lamy would have fixed that.
Your multitude of additional symptoms warrant a trip to neurologist. Bring your MRIs, and your surgeons records with you. Come back and let us know how it went.