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Lumber and Thoracic disc herniations

Started by Nadeem_Aziz on 09/20/2010 5:56am

Hi ,

I'am a 43 years old male from Pakistan . I had history of left leg pain since 25 years. In 1998 i had severe episode of left leg pain and numbness with loss of Flexion . An MRI revelaed very large L5-S1 herniation . I was advised immediate surgery but due to certain reasons i continued to manage my condition without it . In 2004 i started having urine stream slowness and had another MRI. Neurosurgeon was unsure of urine symptoms but as always urged for a surgery which i underwent . A micro discectomy was performed. It restored some sensation of my left leg but numbed my left leg as well . The urine and pain symptoms resolved . In 3 months i started having tingling in genitals and urine problems again . But none of the test concluded an existing severe retention problem so i was put on exercises and SOS drugs.

It had been 6 years to my surgery and all symptoms have gradually severed but my doctors say that a repeat surgery of l5/S1 would be very difficult and may worsen condition . In addition to my L5/S1 , i was further diagnosed with cervical and Thoracic herniations at multiple level . My physical activity and routine has not been compromised at all but i fear bad things in future and want advise from people around what they recommend for a repeat L5/S1 surgery and success rates .

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