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non surgical causes of bones fusing in neck

Started by esol on 08/11/2010 12:05pm

My name is elishia and just recently I visited my doctor and was told by him that the bones in my neck have fused together. Naturally, the first question he had was whether or not I had had previous neck sugery. I told him no. He informed me that he had never in his professional career seen anything like it. I am beyond disbelief at this point. Has anybody out there ever heard of such a thing and don't mind sharing? Right now, I am wearing a soft neck brace and prescribed a medication with a mixture of pain killer and inflammation in it. To be honest, I'm afraid to take the medicine, however, I am trying to adjust to wearing the brace. Please help if you can.

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Are you having pain in your neck? I have three bones in my neck that are fused and previously I use to have a lot of pain in certain positions but now I've learned what I can and can't do. Now I rarely have pain. I don't have much mobility but I just use my body to turn instead of just my neck. I'm an avid tennis player and it really hasn't gotten in my way. I just got into a car accident and fractured a different bone in my neck so I'm going to be doing more research as the cause of these fusions but like any disability, you just have to modify the way you do things and live with it.


I have two fusions in my neck from surgery, plus I have a third one that developed naturally. I go to the chiropractor frequently to keep me mobile. My neck surgery was in 1995 and very successful. Unfortunately, after about 14 years I developed a loss of mobility and extremely annoying stiffness in my neck. This is caused from not being able to properly turn my neck. Other muscles that are not supposed to be used are being used to compensate for the loss. This, in turn, causes spasms and stiffness. I was much worse before I started using the chiropractor. Unfortunately, I have to go often. The stretching and the adjustments do help. But, like most others with constant pain, it is something you have to learn to live with. I always tell myself things could be worse. Sometimes that philosophy works and sometimes it does not. But, all in all, it does help especially when you look at someone who can't move at all. God bless, and keep the faith. We all have our crosses to bear. I believe the way we deal with our problems is life's test.