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metal in the back

Started by joe on 06/10/2010 3:14am

I have had 2 operations on my back since 1994 I am 58 years old but feel 90 years old, I had metal put each side of my spine some 10 years ago it seemed to take the pain away for a while but when it came back it was just so bad, I can not walk much of a distance I cant stand for to long I have problems sleeping/ sitting in fact in most things that I do, I have a 13 year old son who I feel is missing out with doing things with me but he understands, I would like to go back into the gym but I am frightened in making my back even more painfull, I am on morphine plus pain killers each day, Can anybody on here help me with what I can do in the gym that will not bring me more pain ,


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Hi, Joe. As a fitness professional for 18 years I have come across this situation a couple of times and have helped those clients. I am certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, the American College of Sports Medicine and Polestar Pilates. Contact me at fitpropat2409@bellsouth.net and we'll see if I can't help you too.


Joe how long has it been since you were evaluated by a spine specialist? Are you being treated by your regular doc or are you being treated by a Pain Management doc? I am a fitness freak myself and have had to work very hard at finding ways to continue to workout. I have consulted with physical therapists, rehab fitness gurus, yoga rehab gurus and it all boiled down to figuring out what I could do on my own with the considerations given to me by the surgeon and pain management doc. I have a spinal cord stimulator that has to be taken into consideration while exercising so that it is not damaged. Since it is a large portion of my pain control, I have to protect it which means finding alternative ways to do very basic stretches and strengthening exercises.

My first concern though would be whether or not you have had anyone evaluate your spine in recent years as well as the position and condition of your hardware.

Best wishes,


Joe ,
My brother had back surgery twice.... the last time about 8 yrs ago where they put two titanium rods , four plates and eight screws in his back and spine. They also took a piece of his hip and used it in his spine . He did not have a day without pain after that and was not able to walk without a cane . He gained a lot of weight from the inactivity. At age 56 he looked like a fat, old man and was considering selling his home ,since he could not take care of it . He was ready to move into a retirement home.
Finally..... his Dr sent him to Pro-Care (Physical Therapy ) at the YMCA. Within a couple of months of theapy , and with the help of a trainer and a nutritionist, he is no longer using a cane, he is losing weight and says he feels the best he has felt in his adult life. He goes to the Gym 3 days a week. All training started out slowly and is gradually building . He is able to work around the house and says they have given him back his life. He is not completely pain free but now it is under control and tolerable with Advil.
I will pray for you and hope you will be able to get help, also. Carol