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Left Flank bulge after anterolateral(?) L1 fusion surgery

Started by RMORE on 02/17/2013 11:54am

Hello All!

I am new to this forum. So first of all a big ThankYou for having these discussions so people know they are not alone in this painful situation.

I had an accident about 7 months ago and had a L1 burst fracture. 80% canal compromised. I am lucky I am still walking. The surgeon went in through my left side just below the last rib. They used my rib for autograft.

I dont have any serious problems yet with the surgery (touchwood) .
But I now see that I have no sensation below the scar and extending till my navel. Also, there is a bulge extending to my navel which is very uncomfortable and kind of hurts if I sit crouched. My navel is also offset to the right by an inch or two.

After reading over the internet I felt it could be a denervation injury where the nerves that supply the oblique muscles are cut and the muslce loses its tone and the abdominal wall gets weak. The inner contents of the abdomen then push thru the weakened wall and hence I get the bulge.

All this seems right. But I did not find anything on the internet that talks about correction of this issue. Dont we have any technology to correct this peripheral nerve issue? Do people who get entered thru their left sides always have to live with such a bulge? Please let me know if you have had such an experience and what measures did you take to get rid of the bulge that could allow you to get back to your normal activities.

Thank you.



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hi r-more I get what your talking about if it concern you I would ask the dr about it or the surgeon I wouldnt think that shouldnt be happening. they may have to fix that could get worse. it takes lots of time before muscles and nerves and all the things that got pushed around and cut try to go back to some kind of norm for them. Im still having muscle issues and Im post op year and a half. good luck go back and show the surgeon and tell him it concerns you, good luck


The same thing happened to my husband , he is 3 months post opt. But the surgeon went throw the back .I can't find anything on the web.Is your bulge still there ?And the pain ? His whole back is numb below where they cut him, and he is in pain and his oblique muscle is bulging out .Have no idea what to do .