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Ask the Community about Spondylosis

ccboacat's picture

anterior & posterior cervicval decompression surgery

Started by ccboacat on 07/27/2011 12:59am
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please help me out

Started by captain akash on 07/03/2011 3:12pm
Reggie's picture

spondylo/stenosis..when to do surgery??

Started by Reggie on 09/05/2010 3:00pm
tooold's picture

Back surgery with rod and screws--out comes for others?

Started by tooold on 06/17/2011 6:06pm
dianecormier's picture

double fusion F-3 to F-4

Started by dianecormier on 08/09/2010 9:26pm
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can spinal disc be regenerated by stem cell injection

Started by arunkjha on 06/14/2011 4:03am
backpain1's picture

family doctor wants my brother to have back surgery

Started by backpain1 on 06/10/2011 6:05pm
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Looking for new spine surgeon in Ohio or southern Michigan

Started by luvtaserf on 05/12/2011 3:27pm
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rossam's picture

L3-L5 Fusion/Hip Surgery

Started by rossam on 04/23/2011 2:35pm
Bunnysnax's picture

What do you guys think?

Started by Bunnysnax on 05/15/2011 4:41pm
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Started by Inyundo Shiraku on 05/05/2011 6:37am
bentale's picture

sacral fractures and spinal fusions

Started by bentale on 04/28/2011 3:14pm
nanalee's picture

Help, worried and scared of new MRI readings

Started by nanalee on 02/03/2010 8:51am
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chemical neurotomy in my neck please help

Started by farron88 on 04/14/2011 12:24pm
miszy's picture

MRI Result: Minimal lumbar spondylosis

Started by miszy on 02/07/2010 5:40pm
mikem's picture

Failed fusion?

Started by mikem on 01/21/2010 9:50pm
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Cervical spondylosis

Started by nazarkazmi on 03/24/2011 11:49am
creolemoon74's picture

Options for second opinions.....?

Started by creolemoon74 on 03/02/2011 11:21pm