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Ask the Community about Pain Management

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Want to understand.

Started by 100002372957689... on 08/17/2014 9:48pm
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Epideral steroid injections in the cervical area

Started by 100000295179311... on 08/17/2014 4:19pm
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Cortisone injection for a synovial cyst

Started by frankm on 08/16/2014 6:22am
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L5/S1 Compression Fracture .......Need Advice

Started by 100002058083804... on 08/15/2014 2:16pm
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Has anyone had cortisone spinal injections that went wrong?

Started by SANDSTORM on 08/08/2014 8:47am
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where do I go from here?

Started by sick of being sick on 03/08/2014 9:34am
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epidural injection

Started by mandy67 on 05/17/2014 7:48pm
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8 caudal injections and gained weight

Started by melissa13 on 06/24/2014 5:45pm
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Back pain for over 3 years

Started by larzzk121 on 07/14/2014 7:15pm
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Pars Defect Attempted Repair with Screw

Started by mparks on 06/11/2014 2:09pm
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Failed fusion

Started by 1160083492@facebook on 05/22/2014 7:40pm
100001490721654@facebook's picture

Continued pain after 6months

Started by 100001490721654... on 06/05/2014 6:51am
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Pain Pump Medications

Started by debbie63 on 04/26/2014 2:42pm
100001140787772@facebook's picture

My Scoliosis 37° & 30°

Started by 100001140787772... on 03/27/2014 10:58pm
BEN JONES's picture

Damaged cluneal nerves

Started by BEN JONES on 03/12/2014 8:35pm
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Still in Pain!!! 6 years on

Started by 1346860816@facebook on 12/05/2013 7:50pm
646572218@facebook's picture

Adverse effects from the use of BMP for Cervical fusion 2008

Started by 646572218@facebook on 03/06/2014 8:37pm
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Started by Karlina on 03/03/2014 3:58pm
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Question from a caregiver about first epidural injection

Started by Laura8810 on 02/10/2014 3:59pm
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Does it matter which side of your spine the epidural injections are on?

Started by shanekemplin22 on 01/31/2014 4:22pm