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Ask the Community about Neck Pain

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C4-C6 surgery

Started by Iva37403 on 07/20/2016 4:00pm
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Sever Pain after Chiro... Adjust!!

Started by Sever Pain on 07/17/2016 7:28pm
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neck pain

Started by 622198391290008... on 07/05/2016 1:40pm
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Neck pain

Started by 102050889959047... on 07/01/2016 2:46am
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Started by 156541490042845... on 06/29/2016 7:37pm
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Anterior dysectomy with a fusion of c5 and c6

Started by 121121178224552... on 06/29/2016 1:14am
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my father operation

Started by 646184542200847... on 06/25/2016 4:29am
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Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Started by 172595898764216... on 06/22/2016 4:38pm
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Give my back my pain meds

Started by Birdbrain on 04/05/2016 1:43am
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C3-C4 Discectomy without fusion

Started by AMMOTED on 06/10/2016 2:59am
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How to go back to desk job after herniated disc?

Started by Kitty_bang on 06/05/2016 3:33pm
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Pain after fusion surgery

Started by di6753 on 04/25/2016 11:36am
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Post Op C5-C7 ACDF

Started by 102090772380650... on 05/25/2016 11:57am
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Lateral Mass Fusion

Started by marmaduke5695 on 06/02/2016 9:58am
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Can someone help me interpret this xray?

Started by 101537756124064... on 06/01/2016 2:28pm
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Started by 101540646727452... on 05/18/2016 4:04pm
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Cervical fusion/broken hardware

Started by IngridChevalier on 05/22/2016 1:00pm
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Looking for Post-Op Recovery Time & Healing after ACD&F on C5-C6

Started by God'sMiracle on 05/11/2016 1:55am
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Started by ngroom on 03/16/2016 11:32pm
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Cervical Ablation Issue

Started by DJJ on 05/08/2016 1:51pm