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Ask the Community about Neck Pain

10205811103866760@facebook's picture

C5-6 Anterior Fusion

Started by 102058111038667... on 04/22/2016 4:19pm
bgracie's picture

Pain remains a year after having ACDF in C5 and C6

Started by bgracie on 07/12/2011 3:09pm
1198085100203737@facebook's picture

neck fusion n ADR surgery 2 weeks ago

Started by 119808510020373... on 04/18/2016 8:26pm
StaceB's picture

Pain caused from computer work

Started by StaceB on 04/18/2016 2:36pm
gandalf456's picture

Cervical problems and now heavy feeling in leg

Started by gandalf456 on 04/15/2016 5:26am
Vic39's picture

Trouble sleeping

Started by Vic39 on 04/16/2016 3:15pm
Lbalrite's picture

C-7 Herniated disc need ?'s answered for peace of mind PLEASE

Started by Lbalrite on 03/26/2016 10:00pm
1168076386559967@facebook's picture

NeckAnd shoulder pain spreading

Started by 116807638655996... on 04/06/2016 8:52pm
829329235@facebook's picture

Screw touching root nerve at C6

Started by 829329235@facebook on 03/14/2016 3:29pm
1287228304625532@facebook's picture

Cervical disk replacement recovery

Started by 128722830462553... on 04/10/2016 8:36pm
241723089506881@facebook's picture

major neck pain and cant hold my neck up

Started by 241723089506881... on 03/16/2016 9:56pm
tessy762's picture

second cervical surgery

Started by tessy762 on 03/07/2016 10:52pm
katzmeow1567's picture

c4-c5-c6 fusion

Started by katzmeow1567 on 03/16/2016 7:58pm
10201277816943903@facebook's picture

I have every vertebra fused except for six.

Started by 102012778169439... on 04/06/2016 8:42pm
Loridee's picture

Thoracic and Cervical herniation

Started by Loridee on 04/06/2016 6:37pm
darleneandjeff2015's picture

Back pain normal mri

Started by darleneandjeff2015 on 03/29/2016 4:43pm
Samjcartwright's picture

Pain after fusion

Started by Samjcartwright on 03/20/2016 10:06pm
Alexis1955's picture

Do I stick with neurologist at clinic or go to spinal specialist center?

Started by Alexis1955 on 03/20/2016 1:44pm
Vic39's picture

5 days post c6c7 acdf surgery

Started by Vic39 on 03/12/2016 10:57pm
Jani's picture

C4/C5 Neck Injury & Fusion

Started by Jani on 03/09/2016 10:32am