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Ask the Community about Herniated Disc

k5mitch's picture

20 years later...

Started by k5mitch 3 hours 58 min ago
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Why surgery reccomended

Started by Kltaylor123 7 hours 45 min ago
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Prosthetic L5 Disc nerve damage in foot

Started by KSM2176 3 days 1 hour ago
Wendy2019's picture

Help with MRI

Started by Wendy2019 6 days 5 hours ago
Kalasmom3's picture

New here and need help.

Started by Kalasmom3 6 days 7 hours ago
Gab's picture

Dizziness caused by C5 herniated disc?

Started by Gab on 08/10/2014 11:20am
AnonymousATL's picture

My L4L5 Microdiscectomy story with SUCCESSFUL outcome

Started by AnonymousATL 6 days 15 hours ago
Bill M's picture

Radio Frequency Ablation

Started by Bill M on 07/13/2011 12:40pm
FaithAdele's picture

Can Anyone Decipher This For Me?

Started by FaithAdele on 01/26/2011 9:44pm
741442070@facebook's picture

Disc Protrusion at T7-T8......Help PLZ, IM BEGGING YOU

Started by 741442070@facebook on 07/11/2013 2:18pm
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Katedee's picture


Started by Katedee 1 week 1 day ago
Spinaltap 52's picture

My chronic back pain

Started by Spinaltap 52 1 week 6 days ago
Torogh's picture

Large disc herniated

Started by Torogh 1 week 1 day ago
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Can any Diagnose this please

Started by DarrinB 1 week 4 days ago
Kathrynmeadows2's picture

Anyone else?

Started by Kathrynmeadows2 1 week 6 days ago
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Started by RVB on 03/08/2019 12:14am
greg0422's picture

Shoulder pain after disc replacement surgery

Started by greg0422 on 11/14/2018 5:17pm
KWood38's picture

Surgery for discectomy a good idea?

Started by KWood38 on 03/02/2019 9:52am