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Fail spinel fusion

Started by Bobby J L on 04/25/2017 1:59pm

2 microdiscectomy surgeries

Started by MarkDjr1988 on 06/04/2017 10:21pm

Narcotics post fusion L3=5 laminectomy

Started by Jake8116 on 04/14/2017 10:27am

managing sciatic pain

Started by anni siranne on 04/06/2017 5:59pm

Extreme pain

Started by Tip on 04/06/2017 12:42pm

Intralamibar Imjection

Started by Atowers on 03/01/2017 10:09pm

Please help me understand my MRI results

Started by Shannon Lindler... on 01/31/2017 2:03am

Edema, Swelling of Feet Ankles, Fluid Retention

Started by BackToWork on 01/29/2010 6:01pm


Started by Dena Davis on 02/17/2017 8:15pm

L4-L5 disc prolapse + L5 Radiculopathy

Started by Dutchgirl on 02/22/2017 11:33am

L5 S1 discectomy, 10 weeks post op pain

Started by Jobe Stein on 02/21/2017 9:53am

Hip joint pain only, can it be caused by herniated disc?

Started by DapperYapper on 02/16/2017 12:37pm

Surgery: ADR with cage at L5 S1, should I or shouldn't I?

Started by Jenjar on 02/01/2017 12:29am


Started by Barbara Seeber Britt on 10/12/2016 2:44pm

Losing hope in Las Vegas...

Started by Alivandu-art on 11/27/2016 5:57pm


Started by Mohammed Sadiq Khan on 01/30/2017 10:45am

Doctors mistake.

Started by Mr Reg Kenny on 01/23/2017 1:50pm

Pill counts

Started by tsuzq55 on 01/16/2017 4:53pm

PT says I can choose pain?

Started by Amy Aikens Helms on 11/03/2016 7:39am