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Ask the Community about Chronic Pain

sundancer's picture

sciaticia in leg and foot

Started by sundancer on 06/28/2010 3:23am
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Started by Jarhead_79 on 10/04/2010 2:10pm
ALIUSIA's picture

Failure Back surgery by surgeon T Goradia

Started by ALIUSIA on 09/29/2010 10:55pm
farron88's picture

help please with facet joint injections think dr. hit something

Started by farron88 on 10/22/2010 1:44pm
littlelee's picture

Burst Fracture

Started by littlelee on 11/16/2010 7:08pm
mikesal's picture

spinal stimulator

Started by mikesal on 09/19/2010 6:05pm
wbohlim's picture

chronic neck pain and arm numbness

Started by wbohlim on 11/15/2010 8:56am
fraya1375's picture

Blunt trama to lower back

Started by fraya1375 on 11/13/2010 9:49pm
Chirper's picture

Cervical Herniation C5/C6 - ongoing discomfort

Started by Chirper on 09/09/2010 8:27pm
backattack0914's picture

plif surgery on 09/14(l4/l5). pain is back, even worse!

Started by backattack0914 on 11/08/2010 9:27am
ezybreeze's picture

Degenerative disc disease w/stenosis

Started by ezybreeze on 05/04/2010 8:16pm
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Started by LISTENER on 11/03/2010 1:58am
Rosemyst's picture

Consistent Pain & Problems Years After Surgery, etc.

Started by Rosemyst on 05/20/2010 3:32am
little_rhino's picture

need creative product solutions for adaptive devices

Started by little_rhino on 10/30/2010 2:16pm
lynshine1's picture

Double fusion surgery?

Started by lynshine1 on 09/16/2010 1:00pm
dcangel13's picture

L5/S1 laminectomy, fusion, with instrumentation. Confused!

Started by dcangel13 on 10/24/2010 2:25am
epurcell's picture

degenerative dis disease... even both of my thumbs have been rebuilt

Started by epurcell on 10/25/2010 10:54pm
April R's picture

Degenerative disc disease

Started by April R on 10/19/2010 6:19pm
Chuck's picture

L5-s1 bulgling and tear R nerveS1 L5nerve root/DDD also

Started by Chuck on 10/19/2010 5:39pm
Linda497's picture

cervical spine nerve root pain

Started by Linda497 on 08/27/2010 4:08pm