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DDD for a year (21y/o)

Started by utaytuzecan on 08/13/2021 1:02pm

I am currently suffering from degenerative disk disease (L5-S1) for more than a year. This situation is causing problems on my daily life and I have visited couple of doctors to understand the process. I've been through physiotherapy, tried medical treatments and got epidural injection which helped for 2 weeks. My doctor (neurologist) suggest going through a surgery to relieve the pain whereas another doctor says that it is strange that I have such disabling pain, and he insists on looking through some other possible underlying reasons.
After reading many articles and researches about DDD, I've learned that it is patient-dependent and since pain is something subjective it varies depending on the patient.
At the moment my family are on the opposite sides, one side suggests me to do the surgery and get a better life and relieve the pain, whereas the other side prefers me to go through all processes again and try to delay the surgery.

I am extremely confused and I need some help!!

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