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Neck Structural Problem Causing Spinal Cord Injury

Started by Whtroze on 11/13/2020 2:37pm

Hi All!!! Sorry this may be long, but new here and feel it proper to into and explain issue. I am a 45 yr female. Athletic and generally great health. I've had SI dysfunction my whole life and finally managed successfully the last 5 years. Now a new issue as started and I am quite overwhelmed and feel defeated by it. So here goes.....about a year ago I got sudden pain on the top of my right wrist and my right hand extremely swelled. Pain was unbelievable. Dr. diagnosed tendonitis. (I don't feel this was correct at all...as it was sudden with no injury or increased activity to trigger it...plus tendonitis doesn't do THAT). It lasted about 6 days. My hand just didn't feel the same after tho, even tho it went away. A few months later, I noticed my pinky and ring finger and that side of my hand going numb. A few months after that, my whole hand was numb and cold. Went to general dr. who suspected a nerve issue, so sent me for a nerve test. Nerve test revealed minor carpal tunnel. (I feel this test was done improperly and I knew this isn't carpal tunnel....WRONG side of hand with most intense numbness). Further treatment was delayed due to the Covid pandemic. Eventually got into a hand/wrist dr....who said I tested negative for carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome on examination. However, she noticed my ulna nerve hyper reactive up my whole arm. This lead to suspicion of something going on in my neck. Xrays of my neck showed neural foramen narrowing and vertebra instability. At this point went to a spine dr. who did an MRI of my neck. MRI confirmed xray findings, but also showed C5-C6 disc pushing into the spinal column and swelling on the spinal cord. Degeneration at C4-5 and C6-7 also present, but not as severe. So now I've met with a spinal surgeon. Basically he said I am in danger of paralyze from the shoulders down. I had positive Hoffman sign in my hand and Clonus in my feet. My spinal cord is in severe danger and getting hurt. He said surgery to remove the disc to decompress the spinal cord and fuse the C-5-C-6 is the only option. Without surgery it will only get worse and eventually paralyze me. To say it lightly, I am a bit overwhelmed by this. I SO don't want to have surgery, especially on my neck!! The ONLY symptoms I notice is my numb and cold hand. I have NO neck pain, stiffness, and have full mobility. I have no issues above my mid forearm. (as C5-6 level usually affects mostly upper arm). I SO don't know what to do. I have an active life and want to continue as such. I fear the surgery will affect that. I fear the surgery will not fix this. I fear if I don't have the surgery it will get worse or even kill me. Has anyone experienced this? Pros, cons, yay, nah?? Any and all advise or experiences are greatly appreciated!!! Thank you so much for your time to read this and any helpful advise or guidance. To put it bluntly....I don't scare easily, but this has me scared.

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