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Lumbar decompression surgery

Started by Donnieray on 09/07/2020 11:29pm

First let me say I had a spinal fusion put in my neck in Feb and could not walk after surgery my doctor said it was take time so I was told I still need L2 & L4 worked on as the MRI showed so on may 6 he came in and said we needed to do L2. L3. L4 L5 and this was all from the MRI in January this make no since had surgery and it's been 4 months and I have no control of my right arm when I have it over my shoulder I can't hammer or drill and my left leg is still havi g muscle spasms and it's numb and I still have swelling around my stomach and when it tights up I can barely breathe
Is or has anyone went though something like this I plan on having a MRI done since my doctor didn't cause to do one after surgery. I still have people helping me walk

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I would recommend getting a second opinion, have your doctors talked through the difficulties of being fused both ends of the spine, neck and lumber? I am fused from S1 to L3 which has its own problems but if I have a trauma, eg, a fall it can travel upwards but if you are fused both ends the truma can only travel to your thoracic spine which could start to experience problems.