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Terrified of surgery

Started by terrifiedAusralian on 02/22/2020 10:02pm

Booked for level 3 fusion of C6/7 and upwards in four weeks. Spent 12 months back and forth with neurologists MRI etc.
Symptoms - numbness in top of thumb and first finger.
a lot of shoulder problems which some feel are related and others say separate.
pain in wrist area - had both carpel tunnel done a long time ago and re done tests and that is fine.
Have fibromyalgia as well and had a double mastectomy - the right side being 2 years ago and right side is my problem.
I have severe stenosis in 3/4 I think it was and moderate in 6/7
Foamrinin problems - sorry do not know how to describe.
Has taken me 12 months to agree to surgery. I googled this morning - regrets from having Cervial fusion and this site came up and I was terrified when I read many posts of people saying they are worse off and regret the surgery.
I am 73 - if I HAVE to have this surgery I do not want to wait until I am much older as I do not have any family so all that I have consulted say - have it now.
I have heard that there is a possibility of having a pin with a swivel head put in instead of a cage and screws etc. ???
BUT if the recovery is worse than the complaint is it worth it.
PLEASE if you have had the 3 level fusion could you share your results. I know everyone is different but.....
Thank you - Margaret from Australia.

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Maybe no one has survived a 3 level fusion or this forum is not very busy? Still afraid of this surgery and have to decide by next week.