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Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion at C5-6 C6-7

Started by Southerngirl on 12/14/2019 12:02pm

I recently went to a neurosurgeon and he is recommending this surgery due to chronic degenerative disc collapse with loss of nuclear signal, sclerosis, osteophtyte, Luschke process, frank stenosis and spinal cord compression (all those medical terms). I have suffered from migraines/headaches for years and now beginning the left arm pain, heaviness down to hand and fingers and at times right arm ( numbness and tingleness). I even get it in my feet, which been told can be associated as well. I have read some post and information on how the surgery helps with the neck pain and arm pain but has anyone have experience on the surgery being successful with relief with their migraines/ headaches? The surgeon said it would relieve the migraines since they start from the back of my head but at times they start from the side as well and I have read that can be associated with the neck as well. Any information is appreciated. Thanks

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I would also like to know some input. I am having surgery got the same as you , Southern girl and wanted to know when does the numbness go away in hand and balance come back to normal. I am worried and scared. Being out of work for any extended period of time is not an option. I need my feeling back ... when does it come back.
Thank you for any help on this.