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C4-C7 posterior Laminectomy with fusion

Started by Jinger50 on 10/15/2019 1:22pm

I have congenital spinal stenosis along with DDD. I had a posterior laminectomy with fusion C4-C7 on August 14, 2016. A few weeks after surgery I noticed that I now have new areas of numbness that I didn't have prior to surgery. I have also had anterior discectomy and fusion on C5-7 in 2012.
Under my left arm and down the back of my left leg to below my knee are now numb. I also have pain and what feels like inflammation behind my knee at times, making it hard to bend or stand on. My neurologist said he has no answer for it??
The last few days my neck pain has kicked in again and I feel like I did a week or so after surgery, I have to lay down and get the weight off of my shoulders after a while. Also muscle cramping in my shoulders.
Has anyone else experienced new numbness after surgery? I was hoping it would be getting better not coming back.

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