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Coccyx pain and lower back

Started by Nana Connie on 09/18/2019 1:27pm

Good afternoon
i just came across this website and well.. thought i would put my symptoms out here in case anyone else has ever experienced it. just to note, i have had coccyx pain (tailbone) for a long time and have just learned how to deal with it and where and how to sit. That was until earlier this year when the pain actually started radiating in or near the rectum. I know that is not pleasant and i was very timid about saying anything to anyone. I am a 47 year female and have never felt pain like that especially about an hour before maybe having a BM (pressure) and then the pain when finished was almost unbearable! like a sharp knife cutting you. I still kept it mostly to myself but i could not even sit at work the constant throbbing and stabbing! i went for my annual well woman visit in July and asked if maybe i had hemorrhoids, she said no and after explaining (and crying) my pain she suggested i see a Gastroenterologist. i made an appointment (Had to wait another 3 weeks) and after that appointment it was suggested that i have a colonoscopy done.. which i had done in August (had to wait almost another month) the colonoscopy was clear and he did not need to see me again for 10 years. (relief in a way) but i still did not know what was wrong with me. So i went to my primary care dr... went over all of the pain again.. and she suggested it was caused by my enlarged uterus which also had fibroid cyst and also possibly my coccyx bone so i had an MRI done per her request. the results came back with the following results: The uterus is retro flexed with free fluid in the pelvi culdesac. ( i went for a pelvic mri but also getting a look at the lower spine and coccyx) At L5-S1 moderate degenerative disc disease and a mild diffuse disc bulge. There is also a superimposed broad-based posterior central disc herniation measuring 8mm AP. There is also moderate bilateral neural foraminal stenosis at this level. There is also partial lumbarization of S1 using our numbering system. The coccyx is normal.
WOW.. i did not know what any of that meant.. but i went ahead and scheduled a hysterectomy based on the recommendation of my gynecologist. She said the retro flexed uterus (also enlarged) could be pressing on the rectum causing me this pain. However after the MRI results were sent to her, she required that i see a spine doctor first before they would do surgery. So a little over a week ago i saw a spine orthorpedic. who looked at the images and said even though the report states the coccyx is normal, based on the image.. he said there is an issue with it. Also i have no reflexes in my left foot, and while i have pain down my left side(buttock and leg and foot) i was not concerned with it at this time.. i just wanted this main source of pain to go away. So he scheduled me for a ganglion impar block (had it done 1 week ago) and a RX of gabapentin. My understanding was that it would get me through recovery after hysterectomy. And he ordered another MRI specifically for my lower back. in conclusion of my roller coaster.. i am feeling a little less pain after the block and taking the gabapentin 3 times a day.. but it is not totally gone...but at least i can function for the most part, i am having to work from home, but blessed that i can do that. If anyone else has ever experienced this type of pain (severe sharp stabbing like pain in or near the rectum) i would love to hear how or if you were able to get relief...permanently. I have 2 grandsons that i am missing and want my life back. I am not old, and then all started manifesting itself more vividly after losing 42 lbs. i am in better health (feel like it anyway) than i have been in a very long time. and now i am stuck at home dealing with this pain . I truly hope after have this hysterectomy next week that it relieves it all.. but we will find. I dont think it will get rid of the lower back pain and pins and needles in my foot..but i am okay living with that. So sorry for the long post.

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Update: 2nd day home recovering from abdominal hysterectomy.. per my doctor, it was not the source of any pressure or pain that i am experiencing in my lower back and coccyx area. i actually feel like i have been beaten up! lol.. like i have bruises on my arms and back. Doctor purposely performed the abdominal surgery to avoid any compromising positions for the legs and back during surgery. She said i would be flat on my back as to not cause any unnecessary back pain after the surgery. Hoping i get some relief any way once recovery is complete.


Are you ok now?
Please take care of your health.


3 weeks post op today.. yes i am feeling better but not 100%. I think the gabapentin is helping some with the coccyx pain (rectal area too) it is not as sharp now,more like a dull ache. My incision is healing nicely, so glad about that! cannot do everything that i want just yet, but in time i think i will. I did see another spine orthopedic last friday and after he reviewed my MRIs, he said the only fix is to have a microdiskectomy. Another injection would only be temporary. So i am having the procedure done November 6th which will be 6 weeks post op. I am looking forward to it as i am ready for all of the pain to be gone. He is 99% sure my pain in the left leg and buttock will be gone, and at least 50-60% that the pain near the rectum will as well, but no guarantees. (there never is ) but if i can take long car rides and starting jogging again it will be worth it. It is a minimally invasive procedure so should go home the same day. I had a disc extrusion in the L4L5 which is entrapping the nerves there. Overall feeling better as i think the gabapentin is finally working some now that i take it 3 times per day. Will post update after next procedure.