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Can nerve burning stop pain in the FRONT and SIDE of your neck?

Started by reality69trip on 07/02/2019 7:06pm

I have DDD, arthritis, scoliosis etc etc. for 15 years. Worse area currently on the xray is c7-c8-t1. Steroid shots help the pain down the arm when the nerve gets pinched (about every 6 months), but no treatment/procedure has helped the pain in the sides and front of my neck. 2 years ago I got c4-c5 nerve burn, and it made me completely numb for 9+ months, which was great. Unfortunately, the numb spot was between my shoulder blades, where I have no pain at all. Looking a some charts online made me it seem like c3 and c4 are the nerves that connect to the actual neck area. My new pain doctor says he will consider testing c3&4, but he has to think about it. I have severe myofascial pain/trigger points in the front, back, and side of my neck, and that's probably the majority of the pain. Will a nerve burn make any of those areas numb? And if yes, which cervical vertebrae should I aim for? I really hope someone has an answer to this because either my doctor doesn't know or isn't explaining it well. Thanks for any references or answers!!

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