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Total despair

Started by Tammymaj on 06/30/2019 1:16am

I have C6/C7 & T11/T12 Disc herniation is, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, myopathy, I have seen private spine consultant and I’m with the NHS. All they keep doing is giving me pain management and I’m now on Robaxin, morphine, ibuprofens, and pre-Gabalin, I’m getting no release from pain or symptoms whatsoever. I know that I need spinal surgery but nobody is actioning this. I am at a loss as to what to do and daily my symptoms are getting worse. I can scream out in pain sometimes and end up just having to go and lie down. I have had an MRI done about 10 months ago and I feel that I need an updated MRI scan but getting this is like well let’s put it like this then NHS are very difficult. I am considering raising funds to try and get some private surgery done but I do feel that the NHS are not doing their job properly could anybody advise me please as I really am in a lot of pain and I’m quite concerned about my symptoms as at times it feels like I’m being strangled. I cannot lift anything. I am totally debilitated. I’ve got spondylitis as well . Just don’t feel that the NHS are doing their job properly. I have started an enquiry. I Just want to scream from the top of my voice why is nobody dealing with this for me.

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