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Need advice on 5 level cervical fusion

Started by Ahamby79 on 06/24/2019 4:09pm

I have had 2 previous cervical fusions. Recently, my doctor diagnosed me with severe cervical stenosis myleopathy. I go tomorrow to have my surgery consult. I am worried because I will be having C1 and C2 fused. I already have C3 through C5 fused. Did I mention that I'm only 39??? I am concerned about how things will be after having that level fusion done. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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First let me say I feel for you. I will be 57 this year and I too had 5 level cervical fusions in 2012 and again in 2013. My fusions failed. C7 screw never even "took", just floating around in neck. I have pretty much every condition imaginable in cervical spine..now thoracic and also entire lower lumbar (severe Degenerative disc disease)I did NOT have good experience with surgery and wish I never "went" there. (Hard to do when pain so severe was vomiting almost daily) Because fusions failed Dr wanted to stick rod in neck I ran! IF you proceed with surgery you MUST check out surgeon AND READ his/her reviews. This was unfortunately my error. I was so happy someone was FINALLY willing to operate that I did very little research on him and just took him at his word.. Since surgery...I've found out most people say "run from this guy..dont walk...run!" So my best advice to you is do your research re Dr. Wishing you best of luck. Just be careful with surgeon you select.