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C5/C6 age below 30

Started by Srimdu on 05/08/2019 7:47am

Hello All,
I want to write this if there is someone out there in my age range (26-30 old) for advice. it all started last year July 2018, I am an active person who used to do outdoor and play a semiprofessional badminton. Out of nowhere I started feeling numbness in my left pinky tats where it all started. Slowly I felt numbness in my other three fingers that were I went to a general physician. He said this may be carpal tunnel syndrome and gave me some pain killers. The pain killer worked as I didn’t feel the numbness and tingling in my left hand. But after two weeks I started getting burning sensation in my right leg which was intermittent though. Again, visit to the doctor now this time was given a higher dose of pain killer. This was going on for two months and I started feeling better as I stopped all my physical activities.
Doctor advised me to see a neurosurgeon and I didn’t get appointment for next two months. Finally got appointment in December. With initial examination he found hypertension reflex in all of my extremities and ordered immediately for an MRI as he thought I was having cervical myelopathy symptoms. The MRI showed there was spinal cord compression on C5-C6 and there was white patch on the cord. I was told I would need an immediate surgery due to the reason being the white patch on the spine that may be myelomalacia.
Post – op
I had single level ACDF with no plates and screws. A hip bone was put between my C5/C6 and no titanium plate was used as the surgeon was old school. I had severe shoulder pain for the next two months and there was no much relief in my symptoms. Now I am into 5-month mark still having the burning sensation but the intensity is swinging between low and high not sure why though. I had my first swim after 5 months.
All my worry is does the symptom ever go asway for people who had severe cord compression as I am 5 month in to this after surgery and I am already worried this is going to be a permanent damage. Does it really affect adjacent disc after the first fusion?. I really appreciate if someone shares their ACDF journey in my age range.

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