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Docs disagree on surgery?

Started by nbseer on 03/31/2019 7:58am

67 years old.. never had a problem until around 3 years ago. Spinal stenosis, l3 l4 l5 disc degeneration, pinching nerve in lower right side of back.. sciatica in right knee. Sharp pain in lower right back only when standing or walking.

First ortho surgeon said MRI showed extreme narrowing of where the nerves come out of lower spine.. he actually said he would not want to operate because of need for fusion, extent of operation, etc.

Got 2nd opinion from another ortho surgeon.. he seemed surprised first doc recommended against surgery,, he said he would do it but again, it would require at least 2 levels of fusion.

Seeing as how I can sleep on my side without pain, sit without pain, cycle and go to the gym mostly pain free, just can't walk more than 10 minutes without having to sit down, had an injection that did nothing, what do you suggest?

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