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Railynn's Story

Started by Railynn1992 on 03/28/2019 12:36pm

so everything started in 2014 when i lifted a slightly heavy box and i had severe pain in my lower back and i had herniated my disc i had an MRI i went to a pain doctor and i was told i cold get a injection but it may not work so i went home and called a neurosurgon and i was told i needed immedate surgery and i had a Lumbar Lami on my l5/s1

i healed well i went to pain mnagement after starting to have pain again in my right leg my left leg was probmatic in the beginning i saw NPs for about two years i was suggested a spinal cord stimulator but i could not have one had to have MRIS yearly for another reason so i said no so for about a year we got meds to adjust meds and the kept pushing the SCS said no we tried injections and other things

i finally got fed up and got a second opinon in late 2018 and they told me that my current pain management was on point

this month my NP had left the clinic and a PA was my provider she listend to me and talked me through the whole process she wanted i had my MEI approved in a day and i had it last week

i have DDD spinal stenosis and Facet Hypertrophy and am seeing my pain mangemnt doctor and the suegons office called and set up an appt in May

can anyone relate to all of this? i am 27 and i am scared that my qquality of life is going downhill...

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