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Triple acf

Started by Tombato on 03/19/2019 7:23am

i was 49 and somewhat athletic when i had triple acf about a year and a half ago. had disc degeneration causing pains and numbness intermittently in my neck, upper back, arms and fingers. i don't experience those anymore but last summer i had to give up softball as i must have irritated something (while NOT playing hard but slowly working into it) i was told by my Dr. at NEB in Boston that this activity would be fine. i experienced a tightening sensation around my neck and jaw and began to feel sharp pain at the back base of my skull that would radiate up and over the front giving me a head ache whenever ever i would turn my head and worse whenever i looked down at my phone or read something like a laptop or pc and held the position for longer than a couple minutes and then moved my head up to look straight. last year it took at least a couple months to slowly go away but i irritated it again a few weeks ago and the only thing that helps is 3-4 caps of ibuprofen and doesn't at all feel like it's even slowly getting better. maybe a few months it will. is this how it's supposed to or gonna be from here on or is something else going on? sorry for all yous that are in same boat or as i do realize, if you have it worse, and i know it could be. thanks.

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