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Pain in the neck

Started by Belinda on 03/17/2019 11:49am

Hi I recently had a c.t scan after having an awful pain in my neck which went up into my head and into my shoulder and when I stood up or walked the pressure I had in my head was immense and my head would pulsate and make me feel off balance , after months of trying to guess what it was they gave me a c.t scan which showed everything ok in my head, I then had another c.t scan for my mech which showed my bilateral exit foranima narrowing, at c6/7 now off course I have googled this and scared myself silly as it said it’s domething pinching my spinal cord which will cause pain and sometimes you can become paralized or even death now I’m going out of my mind with worry could someone please explain to me what this is and what the outcome could be I now have to have an mri to see how narrow it is many thanks belinda

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Hi I was just reading your post I have very similar to you in my C5 and c6 in my neck I have narrowing of the entry zone which is causing compression on my nerve root my disk is bulging which is causing my nerve to be inflamed in my neck and it cause you to get pains from your neck all the way down to your shoulder it’s nothing scary there are options to have a disc replacement Or an infusion this is help to stabilise the disc buldge from hitting a nerve Narrowing usually means that something is hitting Something in neck it is very painful I get really bad headaches in my brain and my neck and my arm it is horrible I am waiting to do surgery I couldn’t live with this pain for the rest of my life it’s so debilitating I hope everything goes well with you and don’t stress too much we have many options