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Connection C5 and Dizzziness

Started by Slocan12345 on 03/16/2019 9:30pm

Hi, Im writing in response to those who experienced neck pain and dizziness that come on suddenly.
I am in good health, ski, swim, bike and 71 years old. Last June I felt something shift in my neck and felt light headed. Symptoms were sporadic for few months then chronic imbalance. My GP referred me to audiologist, ENT dr , had x rays of neck showed severe osteoarthritis, CT scan but no definitive diagnosis. Have gone for chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, massage, physio (VRT excersizes help a litte). Had trigger point nerve injection to no avail. Finally, went to a MD who specializes in Prolotherapy. He tried a medial nerve block at C5 facet joint (there is a sore spot there) . He said this is a diagnostic & if symptoms subside the will try Prolotherapy. Symptoms subsided immediately approximately 70%. Now, waiting till he returns from vacation to start Prolo. The other option is ablation - but that harms the nerve and is temporary. Hope this helps & stay in touch

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