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Please help

Started by Mandysmommy2 on 02/27/2019 11:10pm

If anyone can please please give me some advice I would dearly appreciate it. So in 2016 at age 43 I was suffering back pain and had a CT scan which showed I had bone spurs from my L4-S1, but the pain kept getting worse so I had another CT scan in early 2017 (about 6months after the first) showing that I had degenerative disk disease, bone spurs and a 3 mm posterior disk protrusion at my L4& L5...fast forward to 2018 (October) I was at a shoe sale and had been on my feet for 30-45 minutes when I felt like the top half of my spine had crushed the bottom half of my spine...I was in so much pain I wanted to die, barely able to walk I slowly made my way back to my car and got home... and was taken to the ER where they found my disk on my l4, l5 & s1 we’re now protruding 4mm.
About 3 weeks ago I was rearranging something on the floor and got up and felt a pain go down my lower back and pins and needles in my left leg but then it felt like someone set my leg on fire & my toes were twitching and spasming for hours & I had no feeling. They did an MRI which now shows narrowing of the disk space, degenerative disk disease, 5 mm disk bulging from L4-S1. I saw pain management yesterday and all they would do is prescribe gabapentin which helped with the leg pins and needles, but they claim that they should try a facet joint injection and ablation to rule out issues with the facet joints too....but I think that might be a bit overkill given we already have a MRI! I see a neurosurgeon in a few days but pain management said I should allow them to do ablation of the facet joints so the neurosurgeon won’t want to do surgery.
Any advice ?

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I'm new to the community, so hopefully you've found some relief.

My impression of drs is that surgeons want to cut, pain management wants to prescribe meds. They all suggest their specialty:)

Sciatic pain sucks, and what you describe is what I've dealt with for the last two years as a result of L5/S1 herniating 3 times. The only relief I've found is percocet or surgery.