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Discectomy C6/C7

Started by ronmon06 on 09/30/2018 2:48pm

Had surgery 9/24/2018 on c6/c7 because of deep nerve compression for more than a year. Had the Cervical Laminectomy last summer but it didn’t work. So I’m 1 week post op and I’m ok. The left arm pain is slowing going away but my left index finger is still numb and swollen and so I’m hoping that leaves soon. I am experiencing muscle pain or spasms in my upper shoulder blades and mid back. Throat is ok but sometimes it feels like it’s closing but I can still Swallow and I know it’s part of the healing process because they moved a lot of parts around. Oh one other thing is the vertigo. Is anyone else having this problem with balance?

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I had posterior cervical laminoplasty on 9/17/2018 and I have terrible pain in my shoulders and neck. I’m getting depressed. Never dreamed it would be this bad after one month. I do have some vertigo problems, also minor problems with my arms, but was told that there is a lot of inflammation still , and that things should clear up as time goes on. Did you have posterior or anterior surgery. Have you been told how long your neck and shoulder pain should last?