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Fusion surgery

Started by Blackwoman69 on 05/02/2018 2:03am

Hello I’m new to the group I’ve been dealing with back pain issues for many years I’ve had epidural injections and facet injections I’ve neurostimulator in my back didn’t work started shocking me. I’ve PT I’ve acupuncture and been on many pain medications. I’m tired I have other illnesses I’m dealing with medication got me gaining weight, my doctor say I have two pinched nerves and spondylitis i spinal narrowing. I’m in so much pain and sciatica nerve problems going around to left hip my legs feelings are gone numbness tingling excruciating pain in left thigh it hurts for me to walk. I can’t exercise but my doctor wants me to loose weight I’m 322 he wants me to get to 265 before he can do the surgery. He is sending me to pain management and they want to put me on Soboxine I guess that’s the right spelling but I really don’t want to take that because I don’t want to go through any withdrawal what do you think I should do? Should I find another doctor?

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