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Posterior cervical decompression and fusion/revision/skull base surgery

Started by Linden 1 week 6 days ago

Hello. On Monday, April 3,I was seen by a neurosurgeon. I have had three previous spinal surgeries. But this time I found out that things were much worse than the previous neuosurgeon had told me. April 13,I will be undergoing the above surgery. The doctor is being candid about possible complications and the pain level I will experience afterwards. Has anyone had this surgery and,if so, what can you tell me about it?Thanks so much.

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Hi, Linden--thank you for your post! We are happy to hear that your surgeon was so candid about the risks and recovery. Spine surgery is a big deal--and while it can lead to excellent long-term outcomes, the recovery can be challenging. It's great your surgeon wants you to be fully informed.

We have some information about upper cervical surgeries that may be helpful: ( Spine Surgery for Upper Cervical Disorders ), but we see you've recently undergone your procedure. How are you doing so far in your recovery?