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Lateral spine surgery

Started by Cadbury on 11/25/2017 10:57pm

My husband had lateral spine surgery for degenerative disc L2 and L3 a week ago. He is now in a lot of pain in his hip and leg.
Is this normal and when will the pain end?

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Hi, Cadbury--thanks for your post! It is normal to be in pain in those first few weeks after spine surgery. If the pain seems worse than what your surgeon told you to expect, give him or her a call. In most cases, it is not a cause for concern, but your surgeon may ask your husband to come back in to ensure his recovery is going as planned.

Spine surgery--even minimally invasive types--can take many weeks before you experience any measurable improvement. The best way to ensure a safe and healthy recovery is to follow your surgeon's postop instructions exactly.

Having pain after spine surgery isn't abnormal. But, follow your gut: If you have any concerns or questions about your husband's recovery, don't hesitate to give his surgeon a call. We hope this helps!


I had L-3 L-4 lateral bone graft fusion with posterior hardware fixation March 2017. I was in a tremendous amount of pain that went into my left hip and radiated down my leg before surgery. For almost 3 months post op it was still pretty bad however the position they put you in on the table can cause a psoas stretch injury (Google that) which was mostly the pain I was having after. It does get better. I'm on here for another reason but read this and felt compelled to reply. It took almost 6 months before my pain levels really decreased. I was depressed and was wishing I had never had it done. Aside from chronic fatigue now and an occasional flare up I'm really glad I did.