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FusedC56 & reduced space btwnC45

Started by NU on 10/03/2017 4:19am

I am only 30 yrs old and suffering from neck pain and numbness in left hand. 18 months ago, Suddenly I felt pain and numbness in my Left hand and consulted with an Orthopedics and spine consultant. He suggested me to do an X-ray and MRI and these tests proved that I have fused C56, and disc space reduced btwn C45. With some medicine and PT, I felt comfortable. Now I am okay but felt pain in my neck and hands especially in my left hands nd weakness nd numbness in my left hands when I work for more than 1 hr on desk or before computer, As I am a lecturer, I can move as I like that makes me comfortable. I am tensed about long term impact of my problem, to be a hardworker and do I need any surgery or not etc.?? Awaiting have good suggestion from you. Thanks

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Hello, NU--thanks for your post about neck pain. It sounds like non-surgical methods are enough to manage your pain, and that is the case for most people. Non-surgical treatments are typically enough to keep pain at bay, and surgery is a rare treatment option for back and neck pain.

But if you find that non-surgical treatments no longer manage your pain, you may want to explore the option of surgery with your doctor.

We found this article that may help you learn more about surgery for neck pain: ( Cervical Spine Surgery: Will You Need Surgery for Your Neck Pain? ).

We hope this information helps and wish you the best!