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My mom (92yo) decide to have spinal surgery

Started by azconnie on 07/11/2017 6:41pm

My mom has been cleared for spinal fusion & decompression. She has severe spinal stenosis. She does not have that much pain but her feet are so numb she can barely walk. This numbness has also caused her to have very poor balance. She was very active 2 years ago but now just sits all day. She is so frustrated and does not want to end up in a wheelchair. I have read some posts on post surgery outcomes and am so afraid she will be worse off. Anyone out there in their 90's that have had a good outcome. I just do not want her to end up in severe chronic pain.

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Hi, azconnie--thank you for your post! Your questions about your mom's upcoming spine surgery are great ones. While we don't have a personal experience to share with you, we'd like to pass along this article that may help you and your mom after her procedure: ( Recovery from Lumbar Fusion Surgery ).

Our best advice for anyone undergoing spine surgery, whether they are 9 or 99, is to follow your surgeon's recovery instructions exactly, and ask any questions you have before the procedure. Your questions about your mother's chances of healthy mobility and overall surgery outcomes are absolutely valid--and we encourage you to have a transparent conversation with your mother's surgeon about what to expect after surgery.

Spine surgery is a big deal--and it's something that often takes months, sometimes upwards of a year, to fully heal. Your mother may have a long road to recovery, but hopefully at the end of it she experiences a better quality of life. We wish you both all the very best!


Please check out your doctor! Get great references from other doctors. Ask them, if I had to go through fusion, who would you suggest for your mother?
The correct doctor makes a world of difference! And ask questions! Do your homework and don't be afraid to open your mouth.
Good luck to you and mom!