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Spine problems

Started by Barbara Fisher on 02/11/2017 3:55pm

Hi my name is Barbara. I accidentally happened upon this website while trying to find out exactly what is wrong with me. I am very grateful that I came to this site. I have read every story and wow the information is priceless. I am grateful to know that I am not alone and that someone understands me. I thought whatever I have was bad until I read some of these stories. I don't know how you went through SO MUCH without snapping someone else's neck and saying STOP YOUR WHINING IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD". I am going to keep my story short until I research what was suggested, look through my medical records because I'm not getting adequate answers but the Needles keep coming. Sometimes 8-10 in one session, 2x's a week now. Nothing to lessen the pain, I feel everyone in spine and beyond deeper and deeper. If you move you could be paralyzed or die. Thank each one of you for posting your story. Wanted to check out of this life but I'll stay, learn and figure out the best way to survive.

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Hang in there, Barbara. Do not be afraid to ask for more narcotics if you need them; there are plenty of people in the same boat as you. The worst is the pain, of course, but it's also tough to deal with the self imposed social isolation. You may try joining a gym with a jacuzzi. It has enabled me to get into stretching positions that I could not do on my own. Also, try going to the end of your bed, go to one corner, and press your knees into the side of the mattress and try to squeeze legs together. Then in that position slowly twist your lower back left and right. It helps you stretch the muscles without fear of losing your balance, because you would just fall face first onto the mattress.