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Acdf surgery still constant pain!

Started by Missy Schoenhofer on 01/29/2017 3:06am

Hi my name is Missy, I'm new to this site, Im really praying others will give me their opinions, Over 1 1/2 yrs ago I begin having all kinds of issues docs wouldn't listen until I couldn't urinate ,finally had a MRI as soon as the results came back I was sent to the closet city to there ER and I mean l literally all in the same day! I was in surgery within 12hrs once getting to the other town. My vertebraes were literally pushed into my spinal cord, The surgeon told my husband I was literally a week from being paralyzed. Anyway I had ACDF 4,5 & 6 at first after surgery I felt prettt good regarding my neck.however I had horrible shoulder pain for months. Anyway after couple of months its like the nerves came back alive. I have nerve damage which affects my whole right side down my leg which gives out on me so I now walk with a cane.I'm in constant pain!!! I never sleep from the pain. But my real concern as of the past few weeks is my neck has began to feel board stiff, popping every time I move, causing headaches and extreme horrible pain!! I'm scared what could be going on? Or is this normal??? The only reassuring thing at this point is I'm not losing muscle strength like last time. But the neck pain is so bad my morphine & Oxycodone isn't giving me any relief. I can barely turn my neck! At night when I try to lay down I'm literally screaming in pain and have to literally hold my neck to try get up out of bed.As crazy as this sounds it feels like my neck and head are not connected together.Has anyone else went through this???? If so could you tell me whats going on?? I'm so depressed I used to be so outgoing now I never leave the house. On bad days which is almost everyday im lucky if I get a shower and dressed because of the pain.I haven't worked since I had my surgery no way I can physically plus all the side effects from pain meds and etc Anyway now im rambling. But to get back on topic does anyone else have any ideas whats going on? Im to scared to go to the doc plus they never listen. Thank you for any imput.

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Hello, Missy. It sounds like you've been through so much this past year and a half-we are sorry about the extraordinary amount of neck pain you're experiencing.

While we don't know what's at the root of your neck problem, we strongly encourage you to see a spine specialist to find out what's going on. We know you feel scared, and you question whether your voice has been heard in your past experiences with physicians, but your pain has clearly deteriorated your quality of life and warrants medical attention.

If you don't feel like you're getting the answers you need from your current medical team, you have every right to seek out another spine specialist to understand what's going on. If you need a place to start, you can find a doctor in your area here https://www.spineuniverse.com/locate/spe... .

We hope you get the answers and treatment you need to feel like your old self again. We're wishing you the very best!


Thank you so much for responding. I guess I will try my luck with doctors again. You are 100% correct when you mentioned my quality of life is being affected. I honestly have NO quality of life.I was once a care giver now I have no job!! Feel pretty worthless!! I feel like my life consists of pain and medications only. I also struggle with the way other's treat since I don't look sick . along with the acdf issues I also have a herniated L5 S1 ,degenerative disk disease, spondylitis & fibro.I have been trying to get my disability since aug 2015.who knows if I will ever get while waiting for a court appearance we have already had to go through financial nightmare. My daily meds are Cymbalta 60mg,morphine 100mg twice a day, Oxycodone 15mg evert 6 hrs,zanax, gabapentin 300mg 3x a day,baclofen 10mg 3x a day,lasix 40 mg as needed. With all that being said I'm pretty medicated and sleep alot ,fall a sleep during conversation, loss of conversation. Im sorry I've wrote a book, im just curious if others out there taking these meds & same or similar dx have been approved for disability or if I should give up. Oh and yes I now have a lawyer. Thanks for listening/reading.