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Conditions Before ACDF And After

Started by Mule on 11/21/2016 1:12am

I,m 56 year old worked hard all my life male. I don't smoke and have been swimming
1200 to 2000 yards for the last 10 years. Before ACDF. Kind of out of the blue I'm having trouble
just getting down to the edge of the pool. Meaning, Can't put weight on my wrists. because of pain.
Hurts to support my weight.
Waking up in the morning and not being able to close my hands. Mainly the right, Painful!
Also MRI showed right rotator cuff tear.
Shoulder doctor said if he fixed tear/spur/frayed. He could not guarantee it would stop the pain.
He sent me to Spine specialist. After no nerve block relief and nerve conduction test.
After ACDF surgery I can open and close my hands with out pain.
My worry and question is. Why do my wrist still continue to hurt in the same way that it started.
There was no relief for my wrist after ACDF. The ACDF was done in 07/20/16 @ USC.
There were complications, six days after I started experiencing crazy pain in my right shoulder.
which got better slowly but never returned to where it was before the surgery.
I could not do PT because of the torn Rotator Cuff.
10/25/16 I went ahead and had my shoulder fixed. Here I am 4 weeks after Shoulder surgery
and have started PT.
I'm optimistic that my shoulder will get better
MY Anxiety is What is going on with my WRISTS!
They remain the same unable to support weight with out pain.
Anybody got any ideas as to whats going on with the wrist?
Could they come back with time?
Thank you

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