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ACDF Surgery 3 levels

Started by balbrecht on 10/07/2016 12:30pm

Hello all-

I am in the process of scheduling my 3 level ACDF surgery, just waiting to get insurance authorization. But as I await news of the date I had a few questions for those that have been through this before:

1. Did any body go the route of an Autograft and how painful is the graft site afterwards. Every article I read says it's worse then the neck pain.

2.Any suggestions on what pillow to use with a hard neck brace so I can get some sleep after surgery? I prefer to sleep on my side...but I am guessing that won't be an option for a while with the brace.

3. This is my second back surgery. The first one was earlier this year for L4/L5 decompression. It was a foraminotomy and it didn't work :-(. I still have tremendously painful bilateral leg pain. (Shins, Upper thigh and calves) Just curious if anyone else went into ACDF surgery and had their leg pain disappear after. My surgeon doesn't think it's related to my neck - but i have also had bladder problems and other symptoms of mylopathy. Just hanging on to hope that it will magically go away when I wake up! Otherwise I see more surgery in my future next year.

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