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ACDF C5-C6 6 weeks post op, severe symptoms again

Started by 102079995626502... on 09/09/2016 1:45pm

A bit of background on me, but will make it as brief as I can...
R L4-L5 Lami, Disc for sequestered disc 2012
R L5-S1 Lami, Disc for sequestered disc 2013
R Peroneal nerve decompression R 2014
R L4-L5-S1 lumbar decompression 2015
C5-C6 ACDF July 27, 2016.
I'm now 6 weeks Post Op, started PT at week 4 and the hand/arm severe pain and numbness had subsided......until now. It's so excruciating at times that I feel like I did pre op sometimes. I called the surgeon, and am using common sense, that PT is the culprit and driving more, prob 'doing more' than I should because I have 3 kids, blah blah blah. I'm a healthy 46 yr old, believe it or not :)
I've been on 3000mg (yup, 3 thousand/day), for 1-2 years for the R leg and foot numbness and pain due to the sequester discs that damaged my nerves. Oxycodone as needed, and I feel like I'm using it more but whatever.
My concern is the increased pain I'm having......I'm quite concerned and nervous PT has damaged the fusion recovery.
Aspen collar for 24/7 for 4 weeks, complications 2 days post op with severe swelling of esophagus and trachea and readmitted to ICU x3 days, caught a terrible viral infection-so so sick!! But thankfully at 5 weeks was feeling much better (not completely, but on the upswing).
At PT at 4 weeks post op, I was told to perform AROM side to side, up, down, R & L tilt, chin tucks-which caused major aggravation, rhomboid retraction, head isometrics in all directions, massage. Yes, at 4 weeks. My PT did gentle stretching of my neck, as noted all of the above movements. Didn't hurt at the time but increased with pain within 6 hrs afterwards and has gotten much worse since.
I've called my NS and the nurse said to stop PT for the next 4 days and see how I feel and to call back then.
I'm researching the internet like crazy and it seems like 3 months is the key time to begin such a 'rigorous' PT regime?? Do you think 'it' will settle down with rest? Did I do damage?? Thoughts?? Thank you!!

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