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Post ACDF. 6 Months severe pain more surgery soon.

Started by painintheneck66 on 08/16/2016 11:18am

Hello anyone out there. I am new to forums or anything else like this. I had ACDF surgery back on the 4th of Feb 2016, six months plus ago. Since then I have not had a day without the wonderful sensation of severe neck and shoulder pain. I have not been able to return to work due to the inability to function without screaming out, subsesquently my employer has terminated my contract. So here I am unemployed sitting with my new best friend the lap top. I am swallowing enough pills on a daily basis to keep a small pharmaceutical laboratory going for a year. As you all know these various pills and potions are designed to relieve us of the pain and discomfort that accompanies us wherever we may roam, but each and everyone of them has it's own little sidekick more commonly known as a side effect . How do we compensate for these side effects ? well that's easy just tell you doctor and you'll be given some extra medication and so the cycle continues.
I live in the UK the excommunicated division of the European Uninon or Brexit as the media seem hell bent on calling it. I am now attempting to survive on PIP payments and ESA payments, these are a form of disability living allowences rendering me an unemployable wreck. Sorry enough of the whinging, the reason that I have submitted this discussion is to find out how many of you have continued with pain and other symptoms post surgery. I doubt very much that I am alone in my suffering ( my poor wifes suffering) but I would be very intersted to find out just how common this is.
Hopefully this question wasn't too long winded and I look forward to any response. Kindest regards Ed. Liskeard Cornwall England.

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