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failed fusions

Started by 117139346621582... on 07/24/2016 1:20pm

I'm 52. I had my first fusion of l4 l5 in 2012 then l 3 l4 the next year then l2 down to s 1 the next year. I just had an MRI a year and half since my last surgery and it shows I have 8mm stenosis at L4 L5 and some at each level that had been fused. My Doctor doesn't take my new insurance which is medicare.My primary care was the doctor that ordered the mri. I'm VERY upset.Before the mri the Surgeon who was in the same office as my other surgeon ordered a CT and it showed my screws at the top level and bottom level are toggling but he refused to do anything until I lost weight. BUT I weighed the same when I had the first surgery.
I'm so depressed and really don't know what to do.

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