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Feel 60

Started by 142501896162689... on 05/29/2016 8:50am

I am in costant pain
It all started 4 years ago with a pain on my left side just the side of mid thoracic..i just thought it was a pulled muscle and thoughtnothing of it this was feb 2012 ...by june 2012 i was in agony when i breathed would have sharp pains in my chest that felt like amild heart attack ..my sept 2012 the main was going through my chest to my back .
And my wrist had started to hurt and my fingers i had always been so energetic and hyperative ..and just thought its with cooking..cleaning and bringing up 5 children which was tiering .
I was using deep heat and taking just normal pain killers until july 2013 and i could no take no more of the pain..
So my doctors sent me to the rhematologist he didnt do any xrays or anything just looked at my hands and said yes you have stage 2 of oa ..i asked him why he told me it was with age i had not long ago turned 40..
By june 2014 my back started my cervical .thoracic.lumber ..
And has again i thought i was just over doing like i have always done .
I started to chronic fatigue and somedays did not want to get up ..get dressed the home was falling apart and my parenting started to go down hill .
I went into severe depression and would cry wondering what was wrong with me i felt really old and worn out even though the children by this time could do things for themselves..
In febuaty 2015 i could not take no more and doctors and told him i was in complete agony
Numbness and pressure in my lumbar
Pains pins and needles and numbness in ribs
Numbness in buttocks back of legs
Chest pains
Pins and needles and numbness in mid thoracic
Swollen archille tendon for a year
Ringing in my ears
from my ears
Numbness in feet ..
Numbness and weakness in ankles knees
All this was going on and then by october 2015 i had a mri scan what i had begged for a year.
I have annulus bulges at c4 c5 c6
I have prominance of the central canal spinal cord
I have degenerate facet joints l4 l5 s1
I have facet tropism l4 l5 s1
I have disc desiccation at t6 t7 t8
Degenerate discs at t6 t7 t8
Marginal osteophytes at t6 t7 t8
Central posterior annular tear at l4 l5 s1
I live constantly in pain
And then to be told feb 2016 that i have an underactive thyroid
My life and mobility has come from active to old before my time
I was so energetic and full of life .
I am also carer to my 2 sons that is challenging 2 i push myself everyday and hope one day it will get better ..
Thankyou for reading

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