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back surgery

Started by navyvet8092 on 05/12/2016 8:45pm

I had L5S1 tlif fusion on March 11th 2016, I was out of bed the next morning and feeling not to bad. Its 2 months after surgery, I still have leg pain and drop foot along with numbness in foot. All in right leg. The Discogram showed l5s1 disc bad and also L3,4 disc gone. It was just pieces. I am now having pain in front thigh down to my knee from the L3,4 area. I asked my Doctors assistant if they are still going to do the L3,4 fusion, He said if they do they will have to involve L5 area as well. And that type of surgery has problems. My doctor is a top doctor so I will ask him on June 28th. I will need this surgery to fix the pain in front of thigh and down to groin and knee. Has anyone had these surgeries and what was the outcome.

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